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Overcoming Barriers in the Call Center Profession- and How to Keep your Cool

For those in the call center profession, you know how frustrating some days can be. People are constantly phoning, confused or angry at a product and it"s entirely up to you to solve their problems. And sometimes& there is just nothing you can do. However, with the three tips below, you can ensure that every day runs smoothly and you can eliminate those unwanted angry phone calls.
1. Think of the Customer"s Point of View
When it comes to working at a call center, you need to put yourself in the customer"s shoes. They are angry. They are upset. They are confused. They need help. And, in most cases, they expect help NOW! If they are put on hold, they get mad. If you do not have a quick and simple answer, they get mad. So what can you do? You need to think like them. How would you like to be treated in that situation? Instead of succumbing to the anger, test yourself with it. You need to do everything in your power to give them the answer they want. Make it your goal every time you pick up that phone. Give yourself little rewards for every customer you make happy. This will help make the process go much smoother and also add an extra level of motivation.
2. Overcoming Language Barriers
Sometimes, when working at a call center, you will have trouble understanding what the customer is trying to ask. Telephones are hard to understand as is. This is why you need to go to great heights to ensure that you are hearing them loud and clear. This may mean taking your own initiative to attend language classes and working on your translation and speaking. Always speak slow and clear and, if you need something repeated, ask nicely.
3. Ask for Advice and Help
Your call center supervisor is there for a reason. Take advantage of his expertise. Ask for a weekly review or meeting where you can bring your questions to the table and find out what you are doing wrong. This will demonstrate that you not only have initiative to succeed, but that you are motivated in your career path.

By Chris Navarro
Get Call Center Jobs, Contributing Editor

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